Can a Selfie Kill You?

Yes, it can.

This is a rundown of genuine wounds and passings where at least one subjects of a selfie were killed or harmed previously, during, or in the wake of snapping a picture of themselves, with the mishap basically to some degree ascribed to snapping the picture.

The United States Department of Transportation assessed that in 2014, the alleged “year of the selfie”, 33,000 individuals were harmed while driving and utilizing a cell in some style, which can incorporate talking, tuning in, and “manual button/control actuation”. A 2015 overview by Erie Insurance Group saw that as 4% of all drivers confessed to taking selfies while driving. Visit to know more about sayings on selfie.

The Washington Post revealed in January 2016 that “about half” of somewhere around 27 “selfie related” passings in 2015 had happened in India. There is no authority information on the quantity of individuals who kicked the bucket taking selfies in India, however reports show from 2014 to August 2016 that there have been no less than 54 passings in India while taking selfies. The Indian Ministry of Tourism requested that states recognize and blockade “selfie risk” regions, its first public endeavor to manage the selfie passings. Mumbai Police recognized somewhere around 16 risk zones after a man suffocated endeavoring to save a selfie-taker. No-selfie zones were likewise settled in specific region of the Kumbh Mela on the grounds that coordinators expected that bottlenecks brought about by selfie-takers could start stampedes.[5]

A 2018 investigation of information reports showed that there were 259 selfie passings in 137 episodes revealed all around the world between October 2011 and November 2017, with the most elevated events in India, trailed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan.[7] The mean age was 23 years of age, with male passings dwarfing female around three to one.

Date Place Cause of Death Details
15 October 2011 United States Transport Three teens (two sisters and a companion) were killed by a train while modeling for a selfie that was found on their telephone. In a matter of seconds prior, they posted the message “Standing right by a train ahaha this is awesome!!!!” to Facebook.
2014 Spain Electrocution A 21-year-elderly person was shocked in the wake of getting on top of a train to take a selfie with companions and contacting a wire that (in opposition to the presumptions of the gathering) ended up being live. One of the companions was hospitalized in significant condition.
2014 Russia Transport Two individuals were strolling close to prepare tracks when a train moved toward them and one individuals on the tracks moved away and the second, a 15-year-old, was endeavoring to take a selfie when a crash happened with the train and she was killed.
April 2014 USA Transport A 32-year-elderly person from North Carolina was driving and veered her vehicle across the middle. Her vehicle crashed into a reusing truck, left the street, hit a tree, and burst into flares – minutes subsequent to posting selfies online when she heard Pharrell Williams’ melody “Cheerful”. The transporter was unharmed.
July 2014 Philippines fall A 14-year-old secondary school understudy in the Philippines tumbled to her demise subsequent to losing her equilibrium while taking a selfie with a companion close to a flight of stairs arriving of their school in rural Pasig. As indicated by specialists, she supported a sharp hit to the head from the fall and broke a rib which punctured a kidney.
2014 Portugal fall A Polish couple tumbled to their demise off a precipice in Portugal subsequent to intersection a wellbeing hindrance to take a selfie with their kids. Their two youngsters who were available at the scene survived.
24 July 2014 Belgium Transport A 12-year-old was with a subsequent individual taking selfies almost a rail route track. A train showed up and they returned down onto the train tracks to recover their sacks. As they were trusting that the train will leave a subsequent train moved toward that they didn’t hear. The subsequent individual bounced away before the train crashed into them and the 12 year-old was hit by the train and killed.
August 2014 Portugal fall A Polish couple tumbled to their demise off a precipice in Portugal subsequent to intersection a wellbeing hindrance to take a selfie with their kids. Their two youngsters who were available at the scene survived.
August 2014 USA Transport A 36-year-elderly person, of Niagara, N.D., struck and killed a 54-year-elderly person of Portland, N.D., while driving. She was riding a bike and he was occupied as he took a selfie, hitting her from behind with his vehicle.
Oct 2014 Philippines Drowned An 18-year-elderly person in the Philippines was modeling for a gathering selfie on an ocean side with companions. She was caught by a solid wave and suffocated.


After reading the list of deaths caused by selfies given above you are now sure that it can be really dangerous to absentmindedly click selfies in dangerous locations. Just for publicity and fame on social media, you can’t risk the life of your loved ones and your own safety. It is really important for self centred and beauty conscious people to stay away from the camera while walking on an overhead bridge or standing in front of a train.

Remember the beauty of capturing the moment and being in a place where you rarely go is not as important as your safety and health. It is important that you need to teach your younger children and teenagers that they must not use phones especially with hands-free in a place that needs you to stay alert.

Remember that the loss of lives can be foolish just for gathering a few likes and followers on social media. You don’t want your parents and their family members to weep with sorrow at your own funeral just for the sake of a picture that could have otherwise made them smile and be proud of you.